High Amplify Shampoo - Matrix Total Results Shampoo & Conditioner Liter Duo Set- All Types - You Choose

$ 30

So Long Damage: So Long Damage System, with ceramide, enhances shine and helps boost hair strength to reduce breakage and allow hair to grow longer.* Suitable for color-treated hair. Moisture Me Rich: Cleanses as it helps restore moisture to hair, leaving hair soft, replenished, and radiant. Adds moisture and lightly penetrates layers of hair to add conditioning. Oil Wonders: Matrix lightweight Oil Wonders Micro-Oil Shampoo infused with Moroccan argan oil. Micro-sized particles of oil gently cleanse and nourish. Adds softness and shine Suitable for all hair types. Infused with Moroccan Argan oil. Color Obsessed: Gently renews moisture and helps strengthen porous hair, protects against fading, and extends the life of color vibrancy. Conditions hair without weighing it down and gives brilliant shine. So Silver: Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver neutralizes unwanted brassy warmth and eliminates dull, yellow tones. Illuminates highlights on blondes and adds shimmering brightness to grey and white hair. High Amplify: Helps boost structure of fine, limp hair for lasting volume. A silicone-free formula for boosted volume and an instant lift. Mega Sleek: Mega Sleek System, with shea butter, helps control rebellious, unruly hair and manages frizz against humidity for smoothness. Up to 5X smoother hair*. Hair is smooth, shiny and defrizzed. Suitable for color-treated hair. Rock It Texture: Rock It Texture System, with polymers, helps boost structure for wavy and short style definition*. Hair is structured and primed for styles. Suitable for color-treated hair. Curl Please: Gently cleanses and nourishes as it helps to control frizz. Moisturizes wavy and curly hair, helps control frizz and define curls, helps support the structure and add strength to each curl strand. Curl Please, previously known as Curl. Bounce your curls! Get ready for defrizzed, long-lasting curls with Curl Please. Now all you need to do is curl up with that special someone! This humidity-resistant formula has jojoba oil to nourish hair while providing fully-defined and lively curls. Volume Rose Oil: Lightweight Oil Wonders Volume Rose silicone-free Shampoo for fine hair, infused with delicate Rose Hip Seed Oil, primes hair by removing buildup and delicately cleansing each strand. Helps provide softness and shine. Up to 78% more volume for fine hair.* **All of our products are guaranteed fresh, new & 100% authentic!

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